nanoSTAIR Guidance
nanoSTAIR's Practical Guideline for researchers and other parties

 This Practical guideline provides tools and information for researchers and other interested parties, showing:

1. How important standardization is to bridge between research activities and the market

2. How standardization can be integrated in the research projects and benefit to them

3. How nanoSTAIR can firmly support standardization in research projects

4. How other parties (standardization bodies, research funding agencies ...) could further help bring researchers to standardization, at European and national level.

CEN Guidance
Guide for project proposers

This 12 p booklet explains how to standards in your research project, from the very first step, and how to get support from CEN-CENELEC.


Getting started …How to develop a European Standard

This dynamic and direct presentation explains:

1. Who can propose a new standard?How are standards made?

2. Why are European Standards so valuable?

3. Is speed important?

4. Standards and laws?

EC Guidance
Standards and Standardisation - A practical guide for researchers
This guide has been prepared for participants and prospective participants in European FR&D projects to help them identify, and make informed choices about, opportunities to use standardization for disseminating and/or implementing relevant outputs from their project.

Standards and Standardisation - Handbook

This handbook has been produced to provide members of the research and development community, and particularly those engaged in collaborative projects supported by the European Commission Framework Programmes, with a basic understanding of standards and the standardization process and of how tandards can contribute to the dissemination and implementation of project outputs for the wider benefit of industry, commerce and consumers.