nanoSTAIR services

Even after the end of the EU project nanoSTAIR in February 2014, the nanoSTAIR Team further supports the transfer of knowledge from research to standards in the field of nanosafety.  Beside this free information website, communication in conferences and the short advice from its experts, the nanoSTAIR platform proposes the following services.

nanoSTAIR Check: Check the relevance for standardization of your research and build a strategy

- Semantic analysis: semantic distance between your document and various TCs / WGs (see zoom below)
- Expert review: confirmation of the interest for standardization,; choice of the TC, WG,...; strategy
- Clustering initiatives and experts to reach a critical mass: contact of teams, call for experts...


nanoSTAIR Information seminar: Get prepared for efficient standardization

- What is standardization, how does it work?
- Standardization in the field of nanotechnologies
- nanoSTAIR support: how it helps, how it works, case studies


nanoSTAIR Standardization Strategy Seminar (SSS): Decide a strategy and an action plan for your project

- What is standardization, how does it work?
- Standardization in the field of nanotechnologies
- Check:  Project’s SOPs   vs.   Standards (existing or under work)
- Selection and orientation of New Work Item Proposals (NWIPs)
- Action plan: what is missing, what to do, who, when!

==> Standardization Strategy Seminar (SSS) at the beginning of the project! (and anticipated in the proposal)


Contact about our services or to ask a question:

Support by EC
The website of the European Commission on Innovation and Impact

This website helps researchers bridge the gap between research outputs and the access to the market.



The Exploitation Strategy and Innovation Consultants (ESIC) can provide an assistance for standardisation.

The appointed expert analyses the results relevant for standardisation, defines a strategy, identifies relevant technical committees and assists the project partner(s) in drafting documents. 

Support by standardization bodies
CEN-CENELEC Helpdesk for researchers

To learn more on:
- how standards can support R&D and innovation;
- why you should integrate standardization in your research (Horizon 2020) and innovation project;
- what services CEN-CENELEC offers,
you may contact CEN-CENELEC Research Helpdesk. All requests will be treated with strict confidentiality.

Contacts points for researchers at National Standardization Bodies

To facilitate the national interaction between the research and standardization community, a majority of National Standardization Bodies have appointed a dedicated national contact for Research, Development and Innovation (RDI). Their contact details can be consulted here.
Zoom: nanoSTAIR semantic tool