Why joining the nanoSTAIR platform

The nanoSTAIR platform provides support for your standardization strategy:


Good to know:

This page contents information on standardization related to nanotechnologies:

  • European Commission initiatives
  • Definitions of nanomaterial
  • Guidelines for researchers

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nanoSTAIR platform:

nanoSTAIR brings together on a single platform all stakeholders interested by nanotechnologies and standardization: researchers, industry, policy makers/European Commission, national authorities and standardization bodies...

The nanoSTAIR platform provides:

  • contacts to get information on on-going activities
  • partners to contribute to standard preparation
  • national standardization bodies able to provide the secretariat to develop a new standard

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Get support:

nanoSTAIR tools and services help you to develop a standardization strategy based on your research results.
For example, nanoSTAIR offers to check if the results of your project can be the basis to develop new standards in the field of nanotechnologies.
To do so, you are invited to send a document (min. 10 pages) describing the project results and within 3 weeks you will receive information about standardization opportunities and recommendations about the persons to contact to launch new standards.

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You can join the nanoSTAIR platform by applying with the on-line registration form.